About Us

Balfour Street Housing Project (BSHP) is a housing management co-operative run by its members who are in control of aspects of their housing in return for taking responsibility for their own housing management. The 21 units which make up BSHP are owned by Hexagon Housing Association and the day-to-day management of the properties is managed by the co-op’s members.

Balfour Street Housing Project is a general meeting co-op, that is we do not have an Executive Committee and all members have a vote. Members can make decisions affecting the co-op’s affairs such as:

  • How the repairs service operates
  • How to organise estate services such as cleaning, gardening and security
  • How to ensure that the co-operative’s homes are let fairly
  • How the co-operative should manage its funds
  • How to deal with tenants in arrears with their rent
  • What action to take when members are responsible for antisocial behaviour

In order to function effectively, all members are expected to contribute to the running of the co-op and play an active part in running the organisation. This includes attending the monthly meetings and joining one of the sub-groups. Members are not paid for any work they put into the running of the co-operative. Also at the annual general meeting, officers (Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) are elected and sub-committees are decided upon.

At least fifty per cent of the small number of vacancies that arise must be offered to households put forward by Southwark Council. The other half can be let to people who apply to the co-op directly. We have many people asking us for accommodation and very few vacancies.

We do not have a waiting list therefore you must keep checking back here for any further information.